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NV EBS, The Surinam National Electricity Company adapts the people’s certification according to the

For almost 15 years EBS is already certifying their electrical workforce according to international standards for “Operation of electrical installations”. Since the systems is changed to the Caribbean local circumstances, EBS also continued with the new system.

This year another 50 people were trained by HVST and examined by Bepect and they passed the exams. Congratulations to the management of EBS with this result of their electrical personnel.

The people are working in the electrical installations on a daily basis and they are capable of creating a safe working space in both 6-, 12-, 33- and 161kV networks! Both overhead power lines and underground cable systems.

Here you see a team of EBS people after an exercise on a 161kV power transformer.

In our training “know why” is more important than “know how”. Somehow we all know how to do things, but do we still realize why it is done in a certain way? Many times we forgotten the “why” part and we focus on that during the training. This stimulates people to solve their challenges.

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