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In May and June NV GEBE, the electricity company for St. Martin, Statia and Saba, had their electric

For the electricity company of St. Martin, Statia and Saba, certification of their electrical personnel is of high importance. On small islands the electrical stability is very difficult to guarantee; a small disturbance can easily cause a blackout. So securing the quality of your workforce is one important part in this process.

GEBE is already working in this system for over 10 years. People are trained for low voltage systems and other people are trained for the high voltage transmission and distribution system.

Here you can see people working together during switching activities during the training.

During the training al kind of daily situations are trained, so the people are guided through the procedures and they gain self confidence for their daily work. Both HVST and Bepect are specialized in tailor made solutions; the training is in your own installations and we focus on your needs!

This year GEBE one more time improved their overall quality.

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