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Successful training of the WEB Aruba Electrical Department

WEB Aruba is the islands electricity (and Water) producing company. They operate an electrical power plant and a small wind farm. The electrical department is already working with Bepect for more than 10 years and this September it was time for another group to be trained and certified.

WEB Aruba is used to working according to the Caribbean Safety Standard and therefore they also adapted the new electrical certification system. The people are trained in their daily activities, such as working on pumps, motors, and transformers. Special for WEB Aruba is that also their main operators joined the training. This is very important because the two must work together in all their switching activities. So the focus for the operators was to understand the procedures and to talk the same “switching” language. That is an important part of each training, to introduce and maintain the standard electrical language; everybody should immediately now what they must do. Any misunderstanding must be avoided.

Here you see the proud team of September in front of the power plant.

Electricity companies are also asking their contractors to offer certified people for jobs, also WEB Aruba follows this procedure. So contractors can anticipate on this to start training their people.

In Surinam EBS already works with certified contractors, Curaçao is following with companies like TRES and FLOW. Al these companies are welcome to inform for our possibilities at either the Caribbean Health & Safety Foundation or HVST/Bepect.

In 2015 we will be happy to work with you!

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