Training for safe operation of electrical installations

Electricity is dangerous that's why is is important that everyone that works with electricity is well trained. HVST provides these type of trainings for employees of electricity production and distributions companies, oil industry, electrical contractors, telecommunication companies, and so on.

Tailor made solutions are provided for each client. Every client gets their own specific training materials that fulfil the requirements that are requested from their employees. These requirements are defined in the certification schemes.

High voltage live cleaning up to 36 kV

HVST has developed a special procedures to clean live installations. This reduces the cost for both the owner and their clients since no shut downs are required.


We make use of special tools, equipment, and devices. Specific training program shall be set out to develop and maintain the capacity of skilled persons to perform live working.

The live cleaning process consists of 4 basic steps: pre-checks, dry cleaning, damp cleaning, and post-checks.

Customized electrical operating procedures

HVST also makes the customized electrical operating procedures for companies once they work according to the standards, local laws, and regulations.

A company shows by having these type of operating procedures that they comply and deliver quality. These type of operating procedures also fit well in the quality system of a company.


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