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Upcoming electrical training center in Surinam

The most effective way to train your electrical staff in safety and operations, is to train them live but not in your network. So a fault during the training has no consequences for normal operations and safety of the people is guaranteed.

Therefor EBS, the Surinam Electricity Company, is building a special installation where all kind of operational trainings can be organized. In october they started with the overhead part of this installation, because of their linesmen trainings and in 2015 it must be completed with a small cable network.

SU practicum.jpg

In this picture you can already see the overhead part. During our november certifications we did some practical excercises. We were able to train some skills for operating the telescope stick and the load buster.

HVST and EBS work together to build the most effective live HV and LV training installation for Surinam.

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