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High Voltage Live Cleaning for Elmar Aruba

Recently Elmar introduced High Voltage Live Cleaning (HVLC) in their installations. Elmar owns a lot of open type switchgear that is susceptible for contamination. In order to clean these installations (12kV) on a regular bases the installation must be de-energized and earthed before cleaning can take place. During the cleaning proces customers will be without electricity. HVLC makes it possible to immediately start cleaning the installation while in service. Elmar people are specially trained for this job. They use special procedures and special equipment. So from now on no more cutting of the power for cleaning!

Here you can see the people vacuuming the installation in Oranjestad, Aruba.

This is the entire staff that succesfully completed the training; work safe guys!

Also HVLC was introduced in Surinam earlier and the national Surinam Electricity Company (EBS) benefits from this proces.

In Belgium, Europe, our oldest client A.O. Melotte is doing live cleaning for over a decade following the HVLC procedurs. Their customers are very confident about their job!

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