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HVST Caribbean

HVST Caribbean

HVST Caribbean was established in 2008.  It originates from Bepect BV in the Netherlands, which has been a successful exam institution in the area of safety for electrical installations and gas distribution, since 1998.


HVST Caribbean strives to be a leading company to train people that work in or in the vicinity of electrical installations. Because of it's extensive experience, HVST Caribbean can provide customized training for each customer.

This includes training that is required for Nominated Persons and Skilled Persons, according to NEN 50110, but also training according to special procedures to clean live installations. HVST Caribbean also trains non-technical employees of large electrical utility companies in the area of their company's primary electrical processes.  


HVST Caribbean seeks to provide solutions for all apparent operational issues during a training. After each project, every customer receives an extensive report with findings and corresponding solutions.


Berend Jan Huiskes

"After my HTS High Voltage Engineering in Rotterdam, I worked 13 years for two different electricity distribution companies in the Netherlands. I started at the 'Energiebedrijf Gouda en omstreken', where I did project work for the 10 and 50 kV nets. One of the projects was the construction of the 50/10kV substation Broekvelden.

After that I worked at the 'Nutsbedrijf Westland'. Here, I became the Nominated Person for all electrical installations. The introduction of a 20 kV net was one of the projects I was responsible for.

Founder and owner.

Live cleaing Curacao

During those years I also started to work freelance for Stipel certifications. This system was introduced in the Netherlands to examine the competence of people working in or in the vicinity of electrical installation in compliance with NEN 3140 and 3840."

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