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WEB Bonaire had their electrical people certified again in June/September

On the island of Bonaire a lot of things has changed over the last years. A new electricity production company was introduced on the island an WEB Bonaire itself also made major investments in their distribution network.

The people of WEB Bonaire are already working with this certification system for almost 15 years and about every 3 years the company makes another step forward.

Network performance is improving every time. WEB Bonaire has a modern scada system to supervise their network and that helps them to react within seconds after an event.

The technicians are skilled and capable of dealing with these situations. We go through their task and risk analyses for each job, so they are compliant with the Dutch Arbeidsomstandigheden Wet.

Here the team just finished some switching activities on an overhead power line with a Cut Out.

The certification is valid for three years and every next time we are adding new accents to the training. This keeps the attention of the people alive during a week of heavy concentration.

This year 19 people were certified on Bonaire. They also adapted the certification scheme’s of the Caribbean Health & Safety Foundation.

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